Nick's Star Trek RPG

Captain's log

Captain’s log, Stardate 40219.81

While exploring the Rho Octantus star system we ecountered a pair of Orion Pirates harassing a ship in the systems asteroid belt. The ship, of an unknown design, was at the mercy of the Orion Raiders. We intervened and suffered minor damage before driving them off.

As it turned out the ship was from the indiginous species living on the fourth planet, Annon. At last survey the culture on Annon had no space faring capability. I considered my duty as a Starfleet Officer to follow the prime directive, but decided, cautiously, to help the poor crew of this small vessel. I had Doctor Galvin, Lieutenant Curry, and nurse beam over to the ship after transporting a cannister of Anesthezine to make sure the occupents were unconcious. Doctor Galvin treated the Annon’s injuries and we made repairs to their small craft using techniques and materials the Annon had access to. Afterwards using our tractor beam we set the vessel gently on a course that would appear to be a very lucky drift out of the asteroid field.

After some intensive scanning to make sure no more orion pirates were in the vicinity we made our way out of the system.

While I recognize that technically this was a breach of the prime directive I am confident that the efforts of the crew have made sure that the Annon’s will never know of our involvement.


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