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Plot twists

Captain’s log, Supplemental.

We are currently on the edge of the Rho Octanus scanning for the warp signature of the Orion ships that attacked the Annon craft. With any luck we will be able to locate them and hopefully take them into custody.

Captain’’s log, Supplemental.

After 30 minutes we have located the Orion ships heading towards an uncharted star system, B457. We have begun persuit at warp 8 in an attempt to shadow them.

Captain’s log, 40196.8.

We have dropped out of warp in a very high orbit above the forth planet of the B457 star, it has a very strong electromagnetic field which we have used to hide from the Orion’s, which, at last sensor reading, were at the fifth planet of this system.

Captain’s log supplemental.

While confronting the Orion’s we discovered them meeting with what could only a romulan ship vessel. It quickly moved off and cloaked. After a brief battle with the Orion’s which ended with one of them attempting to tractor it’s companion vessel and it’s warp drive catostrophically failing, destroyed it, and half its companion ship, we boarded what was left of the remaining Orion ship. After finding what was left of its computer core we investigated an aft cargo hold to discover a crate with a young Romulan girl inside apparently in some kind of coma. She has been transported to the ship and we are currently heading back to Deep Space 5 with survivors from the second Orion ship.


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