• Jeffery Smith

    Jeffery Smith

    A up-and-coming Captain of a Miranda Class ship called the Macol. Currently exploring the area around Deep Space 5.
  • Austin Frost

    Austin Frost

    Capt of the Philadelphia before his command was relieved by then Cmd Smith. Was killed by Saelik during the Sluiban Incident
  • Clayton Golden

    Clayton Golden

    Currently on the Macol at Science with a Rank of Ens.
  • Dante Kader

    Dante Kader

    Capt of the Archangel a Excelsior II.
  • Derek Curry

    Derek Curry

    Currently on the Macol at Tactical with a Rank Lt.
  • Forest Soto

    Forest Soto

    Capt of Deep Space 5.
  • Henry Galvin

    Henry Galvin

    Has been the Chief Medical Officer on two vessels. He never takes anything too seriously. Currently a Lt Cmdr.
  • Kathrin Lee

    Kathrin Lee

    A natural born helmsmen, she has served with Capt Smith since the Philadelphia.
  • Kristen Callaway

    Kristen Callaway

    Capt of the Glacier, before it was destroyed during the Sluiban Incident. She has since retired.
  • Reid Dillenger

    Reid Dillenger

    Admiral stationed at Starbase 211 during the Sluiban Incident and assisted then Cmdr Smith and his team.
  • Sofia Brooks

    Sofia Brooks

    Currently on the Macol at Operations with a Rank of Ens.
  • Surk


    Vulcan Capt of the Yamakawa a Miranda Class.
  • T'Saia


    Vulcan Engineer on the Macol with a Rank Lt.
  • Thiri ch'Yuni

    Thiri ch'Yuni

    Vice Admiral.
  • USS Macol

    USS Macol

    Miranda Class Federation Starship. NCC 31976 Commissioned 2349. Capt Smith took command on Feb 12th 2362.
  • USS Philadelphia

    USS Philadelphia

    Excelsior Class Starship. NCC ???. Decommissioned after massive battle/internal damage during the Sluiban Incident.