Jeffery Smith

A up-and-coming Captain of a Miranda Class ship called the Macol. Currently exploring the area around Deep Space 5.


Name: Jeffery Mark Smith
Species: Human
Origin: Earth
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 63.63kg (140lbs)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Rank: Captain
Position: Captain U.S.S. Macol
Assignment: Exploration of space near Deep Space 5
Base Proffession: Starship Officer
Elite Profession: Starship Command Officer
Advancements: 9
Experience: 9,450

Strength: 7 +0
Agility: 8 +1
Intellect: 9 +1 (Second Favored)
Vitality: 9 +1
Presence: 10 +2 (Favored)
Perseption: 9 +1

Reactions Score
Quickness: +1
Savvy: +2
Stamina: +1
Willpower: +1

Initative: +3
Defense: 8
Courage: 4
Renown: 0
Base Health: 9

Athletics: +4
Computer Use: +5 (Retrieve)
Systems Engineering: +3
Administration: +6 (Federation, Starfleet)
Inquire: +6
Knowledge History: +7 (Earth)
Knowledge Specific World: +7 (Earth)
Knowledge Politics: +3 (Starfleet)
Knowledge Culture: +7 (Human)
Negotiate: +5
Observe: +6
Persuade: +7
Energy Weapons: +7 (Hand Phaser)
Space Science: +3
Survival: +3
System Operation: +6 (Command)
Tactics: +6 (Space)
Unarmed Combat (Kuk-Sool-Wan): +6

Species Abilities
The Human Spirit

Professional Abilities
Starship Duty (Command)
Commanding Presence
Rounded (Observe)
Starship Tactics

Command 2 (Captain U.S.S. Macol)
Promotion 5 (Captain)
Ally (Admiral Dillinger, Commander Starbase 211, Vice Admiral (Promotion 8))

Character Development
Personal Development: Starfleet Brat
Professional Development: Basic Commander


Born: January 4th, 2332
Place of birth: San Fransisco, California
Graduated: Starfleet Academy with honors 2354

Service Record
1st posting: U.S.S. Kyne NCC-2993 (Constellation-Class), Captain Josh Blackford
Rank at beginning of posting: Ensign
Position at beginning of posting: Helmsman
Rank at end of posting: Lieutenant
Position at end of posting: Helmsman
Length of posting: 5 years (2354-2358)
Noteworthy information: Participated in several skirmishes near Cardassian space while on patrol near the Cardassian border during the Federation-Cardassian war. Received commendations for valorus conduct and gallantry. Received 2 promotions during posting (to Lieutenant J.G. and Lieutenant respectively).

2nd posting: USS Philadelphia NCC-62056 (Excelsior-Class), Captain Austin Frost
Rank at beginning of posting: Lieutenant
Position at beginning of posting: Helmsman
Rank at end of posting: Commander
Position at end of posting: First Officer
Lenth of posting: 4 years (2358-late 2361)
Noteworthy information: Participated directly in the Federation-Cardassian War during his posting as Helmsman. Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and Second Officer by Captain Frost after an incident when the Philedelphia was ambushed by a much superior force of Cardassian cruisers and a then Lieutenant Smith was wounded during the battle but remained at his post. Promoted to Commander and First Officer 2 years later when the First Officer of the Piladelphia developed Iverson’s Disease.

3rd posting: Captain of USS Macol NCC-31976 (Miranda-Class)
Rank at beginning of posting: Captain
Position at beginning of posting: Captain, U.S.S. Macol
Length of posting: Ongoing (late 2361-present)
Noteworthy Information: During it’s first year under the command of the now Captain Smith the Macol ran escort duty, had brushes with Orion Pirates and stopped a plot by a tragically misguided resisdent of Indus III to either save his people or commit genocide.

Jeffery Smith

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