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Unexpected circumstances

Captain’s log, Stardate 40261.5

While transporting our young Romulan guest she has escaped sickbay and been transported off the ship using our own transporters to the Romulan scout ship from system B457. Apparently there has been a Romulan operative of some kind on our ship for some time and there was no way for us to detect him.

As a result Vice Admiral Thiri ch’Yuni has transferred the Macol to an exploratory squadron under the command of the U.S.S Archangel commanded by Dante Cader. Another ship, the Yamakawa, under the Command of Captain Surk, has also joined the squadron.

I don’t know what to make of this. The Vice Admiral was quite upset in his reply to my report about losing the young Romulan girl. It seems I have some digging to do.

Plot twists

Captain’s log, Supplemental.

We are currently on the edge of the Rho Octanus scanning for the warp signature of the Orion ships that attacked the Annon craft. With any luck we will be able to locate them and hopefully take them into custody.

Captain’’s log, Supplemental.

After 30 minutes we have located the Orion ships heading towards an uncharted star system, B457. We have begun persuit at warp 8 in an attempt to shadow them.

Captain’s log, 40196.8.

We have dropped out of warp in a very high orbit above the forth planet of the B457 star, it has a very strong electromagnetic field which we have used to hide from the Orion’s, which, at last sensor reading, were at the fifth planet of this system.

Captain’s log supplemental.

While confronting the Orion’s we discovered them meeting with what could only a romulan ship vessel. It quickly moved off and cloaked. After a brief battle with the Orion’s which ended with one of them attempting to tractor it’s companion vessel and it’s warp drive catostrophically failing, destroyed it, and half its companion ship, we boarded what was left of the remaining Orion ship. After finding what was left of its computer core we investigated an aft cargo hold to discover a crate with a young Romulan girl inside apparently in some kind of coma. She has been transported to the ship and we are currently heading back to Deep Space 5 with survivors from the second Orion ship.

Captain's log

Captain’s log, Stardate 40219.81

While exploring the Rho Octantus star system we ecountered a pair of Orion Pirates harassing a ship in the systems asteroid belt. The ship, of an unknown design, was at the mercy of the Orion Raiders. We intervened and suffered minor damage before driving them off.

As it turned out the ship was from the indiginous species living on the fourth planet, Annon. At last survey the culture on Annon had no space faring capability. I considered my duty as a Starfleet Officer to follow the prime directive, but decided, cautiously, to help the poor crew of this small vessel. I had Doctor Galvin, Lieutenant Curry, and nurse beam over to the ship after transporting a cannister of Anesthezine to make sure the occupents were unconcious. Doctor Galvin treated the Annon’s injuries and we made repairs to their small craft using techniques and materials the Annon had access to. Afterwards using our tractor beam we set the vessel gently on a course that would appear to be a very lucky drift out of the asteroid field.

After some intensive scanning to make sure no more orion pirates were in the vicinity we made our way out of the system.

While I recognize that technically this was a breach of the prime directive I am confident that the efforts of the crew have made sure that the Annon’s will never know of our involvement.

The Sluiban Incident
No Ordinary Negotiations

February 18, 2361:

  • The USS Philadelphia met up with the rest of the battle group near the Cardassian Boarder near to Starbase 211.
  • They proceed into Cardassian Space with the Cardassian Ambassador.
  • The Ambassador’s fleet arrives first and then, shortly after, the Cardassian fleet arrives with 7 ships.
  • Negotiations begin and end uneventfully.
  • Moments after receiving their Ambassador back technical problems began to engross both fleets.
  • Each fleet blamed each other and combat ensued.
  • While the Glacier preformed greatly and was one of the last ship’s to suffer from the technical problems the USS Philadelphia was somewhat struggling against a single Cardassian foe.
  • When the player’s ship finally disabled their Cardassian opponent Capt. Austin Frost orders to have the ship destroyed.
  • The player’s ship and the Glacier retreated together back towards Federation space.
  • During the battle the Chief Engineer was preventing the ship from failing due to the fleet wide technical problems, and coordinating with the Glacier, was successful and both ships did not lose power.
  • After the battle while trying to determine the cause of the technical problems a crewman was killed by an unknown force. The tactical officer was ordered to investigate.
  • The Tactical Officer, Salek, took a large compliment of security personnel and some bridge officers to the Jeffrey’s Tubes near main Engineering and begun spreading out to find anything out of the ordinary.
  • After finding tampered power systems, and engineering/damage control teams were dispatched. Salek and his forces pressed onwards looking for the cause of the damage.
  • Suddenly Salek started losing contact with some security personnel. This perturbed him and he started figuring out ways to stay in constant contact but to no avail.
  • Finally ending their search in a lower deck cargobay the party members begin to find out that power is out in most of this section of the ship, leaving only emergency life support left.
  • The cargo bay is very dark and very quite and the party cannot pick up any other life signs in the cargo bay, they also soon discover that they are trapped because the door and the main Jeffery’s Tube access is unresponsive.
  • The Engineer, Bireve, with them begins to work on the door while Salek uses his remaining security forces to explore the cargobay. Salek quickly finds out that they are not alone after losing one crewman (hanging) and being attack by a humanoid in brown that was extremely flexible and fast.
  • The only other remaining NPC security personnel seemed unusually calm and collected during the cargobay escape, but the players finally got out of the cargobay by quickly melting through the side wall and directly accessing the door controls/machinations.
  • When they entered the adjacent hallway Bireve noticed a strange molecule on his tricorder floating around and especially on the remaining security personnel. At this time Salek called in more security forces, Bireve called in damage control teams and Cmdr Jeffery Smith called Capt Frost to their location.
  • Capt Frost showed up first and spoke with the group. Salek tried to use code words to inform the Captain that something might be wrong but he shrugged them off. The Captain wanted to speak with Smith alone and they went into a side meeting room.
  • Within the room the Captain and Cmdr spoke about the battle that had occurred with the Cardassians and what Cmdr Smith thought of these actions. The Captain did not like his answers and drew a type 1 phaser and threatened his life. Outside the room Bireve was listening in on a access panel while Salek had a confrontation with the remaining Security NPC. Bireve informed Salek of the situation with their Captain and Cmdr and then Bireve overloaded the lights to blind the both of them while Salek entered and shot at the Captain.
  • The Captain died shortly after and then all of the personnel arrived, informing Salek and the others that they were told to wait by the now dead Captain. They spend some time trying to figure out who may have this unknown molecule thinking it may have something to do with this extremely strange behavior especially because it was found on the Captain.
  • Chief Medical Officer Henry Galvin shows up and declares the Captain dead and informs Smith that he is now the Captain. The CMO is also informed of the rest of the situation.
  • The now Captain Smith briefs the crew after he heads to the bridge. After that he contacts Admiral Reid Dillenger and explains what happened, the Admiral understands his actions and wants to be kept informed. Smith noticed some noise in the signal and told the Admiral, who then ordered Smith to find the cause but to keep long range communication to a minimum in case of espionage.
  • Captain Smith tried to contact the Glacier after returning to the bridge from the ready room but Kathrin Lee, the Conn officer, could not establish communication with the other ship.
  • Suddenly a crewmen covering tactical for Salek reports that there is weapons fire coming from Communications Control. The Captain asked for sensor information on that deck and Ensign Lee reports that sensors are down now but begins to access the sensor logs. A view of the deck comes up on the main screen and Ensign Lee states that this was 1 minutes before the sensors went down. The screen shows some Star Fleet personnel walking around and then, almost all at once, a Cardassian in full armor with a rifle rounds the corner and fires down the halls, and moments later the sensor reading goes out.
  • Captain Smith dispatches Salek, from the lower decks, to go take care of the new threat. Salek takes a very large amount of people with him to the Communication deck.

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